Want to increase your Marketing ROI? Build Effective Landing Pages and Invest in Google AdWords

February 08, 2013 by Linda Anger

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is the place you want people to go to find specific information or offers on a product or service. Landing Pages carry your branding and contact information, but in most instances, they are not visible from your main web navigation. The sole purpose of a Landing Page is to cause a prospect to take a specific action—most commonly, to fill in a form, or to make a phone call. Landing Pages serve an entirely different function than your "main" website.

A good Landing Page helps you convert a higher percentage of visitors into qualified leads.

Why are Landing Pages so critical?

Landing Pages have only one purpose

Many business owners and marketers think they should drive advertising, email, or Social Media traffic to their homepage.

Big mistake.

Advertising—whether by traditional means or Social Media—brings the best results when it is for a specific item/service, and targeted to a specific demographic. When you know a stream of targeted traffic will be checking you out, you can increase the likelihood of converting that traffic into leads by sending them to a targeted Landing Page.

Let’s say you own a home remodeling business. You can do most anything from change out a leaky faucet to adding an entire wing to a home. But your sweet spot—in terms of ROI—is drywall repair. You do your homework and find the terms people looking for drywall repair are most likely to use when searching online, and run a Google AdWords campaign focused on drywall repair.

Now, when a homeowner whose teenager just put their fist through the wall finds your ad, do you think they want to wade through multiple pages on your website to get to your Drywall Repair info? Or are they more likely to stay engaged if the page they are directed to is 100% about Drywall Repair, and gives them instant access to your phone number and/or a form they can submit to have you call them?

Determine what you want your prospect to do and send them to a Landing Page that prompts them to complete that action – and only that action. You'll see the effectiveness of your online marketing improve dramatically.

Helpful hints for more effective Landing Pages:

Limit Navigation. Don't distract people with links back to your site, and never, ever include links to an external site. Keep them focused on completing your form or making the phone call. HIDE your website navigation elements on landing pages.

Deliver Value. Prospects will give you their contact information if your offer is compelling, and your Landing Page demonstrates that value.

Keep it Short. The longer your landing page and form, the more likely people are to click off your page. Short and to the point will increase your conversion rate.

Test, and test again. There is "best practice," and then there is what the data shows. Your Landing Page can and should improve over time and with the natural shifts of time and culture.


Remember: The function of Landing Pages is to capture lead information. They serve an entirely different function than your “main” website.

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