Reading Between a Spammer's Lines

March 21, 2013 by Erin Vezzetti

Every so often I get an email from a client saying, “Hi Erin, do you know anything about this?” with a questionable website contact form attached. They want to know if the message is legitimate.

Perhaps it is a side effect of my profession, but my brain operates a little differently than most. I don’t “read” these messages, I dissect them, looking for the tell-tale signs of spam and/or fraud that other readers might pass right over.

I regularly take messages like this apart:

Reading Between a Spammer's Lines

I don’t mind getting the “SEO professional” phone calls, e-mails and form spam. From my perspective, they are hilarious, and they make me proud of the honest value and results we provide our clients.

Do you get messages like this?

Is so, I’m looking for the worst of the worst. Send your next “SEO Professional” spam e-mail to me.

If your submission tops the list of ridiculous SEO claims, I’ll perform a complete complimentary SEO analysis on your website that will blow any of the SEO "professionals" who send you spam messages right out of the water.

And that’s a promise you can trust.

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