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How not to write sales copy for bulk sending

August 10, 2012 by Erin Vezzetti

If you are considering an e-mail blast, newsletter campaign, or other written communications with potential customers, it is very important what you DON'T write.

Obviously, you should know (and if you don't, here's a tip) that using unsolicited lists is wrong. I won't belabor the many reasons why, but they range from breaking the law to breaking down a good relationship. Your lists should be clean, and going to those who have at least given tacit approval they want some form of marketing communications.

So – you have a good, clean list. And you really, really want to sell something. Now obviously, you can't write each piece to each individual customer. So you are going to need to use some genetic copy, along with some assumptions when you write.

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It's 5:00 somewhere: building your web presence locally

August 03, 2012 by Erin Vezzetti

Some of our recent blog posts have emphasized the need to get your web presence up and running – today – with some tips on how to write your content. But when you are thinking about how to market your product or service, you need to consider your location.

Just as in real estate, it's all about location, location, location.

We've seen many small businesses make the mistake of optimizing their brand-new site without any attempt to localize the content for search engines. And while that might be fine if you are selling commodities worldwide and have a well-know brand, it probably won't work for you if you are a barber or landscaper. (Can you say road trip?)

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Think visually: preparing graphics for your marketing efforts

July 25, 2012 by Erin Vezzetti

A picture says a thousand words, the old saw goes. And this truism can make or break your marketing efforts, be it web design or paper brochures.

In my decades-long adventure as a writer and editor, it always seemed to me graphics were the biggest hangup in meeting deadlines and getting a project finished. Little has changed over the years. Oh, the designers can meet the deadline, as can the copywriters (*looks at wristwatch*). But getting that blasted artwork – the graphics or photos or videos – that's hard. I've watched entire projects grind to a halt when a client cannot or will not take the time to obtain the art needed to make their entire marketing piece truly shine.

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Use of “that” when writing

July 23, 2012 by Erin Vezzetti

Beware of “that” when writing.

When writing marketing copy, you must entice the reader. Compel them, energize them, and speak to their needs and your solutions. Marketing copy writing must be bold, confident, assertive.

All too often, it is not. It is passive, weak, mealy-mouthed. Passive writing hedges, prevaricates, and in general avoids direct speech. Fortunately, there is a sign of passive writing. The word ‘that’ is like a canary in a coal mine. It is often a warning indicator of passive verb use, especially of “to be.” Let’s look at some examples:

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The use of voice in marketing copy

July 18, 2012 by Erin Vezzetti

I Hear Voices, and They Vex Me!

Let’s talk about voices. No, not the voices in your head or those of your customers — I mean the voices in your writing. Using the right voice when writing about your product is critically important if you don’t want to lose the reader, and the sale.

Before you put pen to paper (I like that much better than ‘fingers to keyboard’), you need to do the basics. Let’s assume you have done your audience analysis and competitor research, assembled your facts and figures, and are ready to write about your product or service.

What is your voice? Are you going to write in the first person (communicating with words such as “I” or “we”) and telling your own story; second person (using the words “you” and “your” to talk directly to the reader); or third person (using “he”, “she” and “they”)

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Am I losing website visitors on mobile?

July 16, 2012 by Erin Vezzetti

Do you use your phone to browse the web? There might be sites you stay away from because they never work. Or you may remember a site you will use again because the experience is smooth & easy.

Of those two types of sites, one is more likely to get your business. Can you guess which?

The site with best mobile experience.

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Details matter in marketing

July 09, 2012 by Erin Vezzetti

I have the distinct pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients, who run all manner of small business. I say pleasure, as much of my recent career was with the corporate environment, where I created content for either internal clients in other departments, or single-source business partners.

Now, I have the chance to work with folks who run all manner of businesses. But one issue keeps arising: the need for detail.

Marketing copywriting, indeed, any good writing relies on a maxim of "show, don't tell." It is very difficult to write in this manner, and after 20 years of doing this I am obviously not kidding. Showing & telling are vastly different. Let's look at an example:

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The value of anchor text for SEO: Why ‘Learn More’, ‘Read More’ & ‘Click Here’ just don’t cut it

July 02, 2012 by Erin Vezzetti

It’s tempting to use what I call “old standbys” when writing web copy for a suitable Call To Action (CTA). You’ve seen these words hundreds of times, and you know implicitly what they mean. Nod in agreement if you’ve seen:

Get more information now – click here.

We have been in the industry for 20 years. We’re a nationally recog…read more…

Our annual event will run from July 4th to July 9th, 2012. Learn More.

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Branded Search vs. Keyword Search: Why it’s important to balance both

June 29, 2012 by Erin Vezzetti

Web development colleagues can always banter about certain things. The client who insists on using Comic Sans font throughout their website (why is comic sans a no-no?), the one who sends their logo artwork over in some crazy low resolution, the one who is either family or friend and expects you to work for free (more common than you think).

Becoming increasingly popular in SEO are stories of clients who think branded search is a bad sign. They get upset when they see their own name as a top traffic source in Organic Traffic reports from Google Analytics. Someone, somewhere told these folks branded search is a big, scary “no-no” – so I’m here to clarify!

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Stop taking yourself so seriously

June 25, 2012 by Erin Vezzetti

You may have noticed there is a certain amount of edginess to our blogs. That's on purpose. When we recently reinvigorated our blog efforts, owner Jeff McElyea pointed out there are a lot of non-so-great marketing companies out there. Ones that will sell you a half-finished website, or promise to get you on page one of Google, or triple your leads in a month.

Since we don't rest until our clients get results, we felt we take take a few shots here and there. Be a little snarky. Have some fun with the status quo.

And you know what? It's liberating! Allowing a reasonable level of humor to shine through makes you more human, allows customers to see you as people, and is just fun.

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